Court Ruling on murder conviction


(Oskaloosa)— The Iowa Court of Appeals has handed down a ruling the case of an Oskaloosa man.

In June of 2011 Bradley Arterburn was charged with murder in connection with the death of his mother’s boyfriend Hank Horovitz.  The crime occurred in the basement of Arterburn’s mother’s house.  Horovitz was killed after Arterburn used an axe and knife in the attack.

Authorities say Arterburn’s attack on Horovitz was the result of abuse Arterburn received over the years from his stepfather.

In making the ruling the court of Appeals noted Arterburn suffered from emotional and mental difficulties following the abuse.

The court also ruled in Arterburn’s favor on the contention one of the jurors in the trial was prejudiced against the defendant.

During jury selection, the prespective jury member told lawyers she was upset by the case and had a daughter who lived near Arterburn’s home.  Under questioning from the lawyers the prospective juror said she felt Arterburn probably killed Horovitz.