Council approves first reading of ordinance on grass height


An ordinance amending the city’s code on parking in residential yards and keeping grass mowed at a certain heights passed it’s first hurdle Tuesday night.

Meeting in regular session Tuesday evening, the council approved the first reading of the amended ordinance.  Upon recommendation of the Make Ottumwa Shine committee city residents would received a citation if the height of grass is higher than 10 to 12 inches.

The ordinance also sets guidelines for parking vehicle in residential front yards. Parking of vehicle will only be permitted on surfaces approved by the city.

In approving the first reading, councilman Mitch Miner thanked the Make Ottumwa Shine Committee for their hard work.  Niner said people need to mow their grass and keep things picked up.  He also suggested the city might have to raise fines established by the city.

Councilman Skip Stevens said he is still stuck on allowing grass to grow to a height of no more than 8 inches.  And councilman Matt Dalby said we need to clean up the city.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, the city council approved a recommendation to include several projects in the city’s CIP program for the up coming year.  A public hearing on the CIP program will be held at the November 18th council meeting. Included in the CIP program list is funding for the creation of quite zones in the city.

Councilman Niner said he would be voting no for the additional funds for the quite zones.  He said there is no accountability and said there needs to be accountability for every dollar the city spends.  Niner also questioned the addition of funds needed to repair a bridge at the city golf course.  Councilman Bob Meyers said safety should be of concern to everyone.  Niner also said we have the Beach Ottumwa with many problems that needed to be addressed.