City Council discusses the Beach Ottumwa problems


The City’s new engineer says the city needs to be pro-active in developing a maintenance program to prevent further decline of the Beach Ottumwa.

During a work session Monday afternoon at City Hall the city council and members from the community discussed possible ways to stop the detoriation of the indoor swimming pool at the Beach Ottumwa.  A recent report shows more than three million dollars in repairs needs to be made the facility.

Some residents at the meeting expressed concerns over rumors the indoor pool might close during the winter months.  Councilmen Skip Stevens and Mitch Niner said they are not in favor of closing the indoor pool during the winter months.  Another Ottumwa resident Barb Smart asked why swimming lesions for 4th grade students were discontinued.  She said we all need to work to make the beach a go.

The new city engineer said the community needs to be active in the development of a maintenance program.  He told the city council the expected life of the building is 45 years and said th4e city needs to address current problems before they become bigger problems.

Councilman J.R. Richards may have summed it up best when he said we need to have a plan.  We need to go to the people and say we need to find some more money to fix the building and we need 100-percent cooperation from the community.

An Ad Hoc committee is expected to begin work on the project as soon as possible.