City Council approves resolution on Health Center


Meeting in special session Monday afternoon, the Ottumwa City Council approved a resolution approving the publication of a public notice soliciting competitive proposals for the sale of real estate located within the City’s West gate Urban Renewal area.

Specifically the City has received an offer from River Hills community Health center to purchase real estate located adjacent to their downtown building at the intersection of Market and River Drive, or the City’s parking lot directly behind its facility. The Health center wants to purchase the property for one dollars in order to construct a two story addition to it’s current building. Under the proposal River Hills would pay the cost of a survey and all closing costs, and pay for the removal of the public restrooms located on the real estate.

In order to satisfy competitive bidding requirements as well as Iowa Code, a resolution needed to be passed to approve the minimum development requirements, competitive criteria and procedures for disposition of certain property located within the West Gate Urban renewal area.

The bidding process will be open for 30 days in order to give others an opportunity to bid on the property in mind.