Changes Coming to Ottumwa Restaurant

By Ellis Codjoe, April 12, 2019

UPDATE: T.J. Walsh, a spokesman for Tennyson Enterprises (the owners of Sirloin Stockade) wanted to thank their clientele.

“Thank you to Ottumwa and southeast Iowa for giving us the opportunity to serve you for 44 years. Sirloin Stockade opened in September of 1974 and we appreciate your patronage.”

Walsh also mentioned that the current employees of Sirloin Stockade will be offered jobs in the new restaurant.


Sirloin Stockade has been a mainstay in Ottumwa’s north side for multiple decades. In the near future, it will be replaced with a new eatery.

Tom and Lisa Morgan are the owner’s of Godfrey’s Ale House, next door to Sirloin Stockade on Northgate. The Morgans made an announcement Friday afternoon via Facebook that they purchased the Sirloin Steakhouse property. The plan is to turn the longtime buffet restaurant into a “Steak and Chop House.” Sirloin Steakhouse will close “in the next couple of weeks.”

Ottumwa Radio News asked Lisa Morgan the thinking behind the decision.

“It made sense since it (Sirloin Stockade) was right next door to our current restaurant. We knew Ottumwa needed a steakhouse and we look forward to giving Ottumwa a great sirloin experience.”

Morgan said the new establishment might be open in “45 to 60 days.”

As for what the new restaurant will be named, that has not yet been determined.

“The name is still under construction,” Morgan said, laughing.

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