Bridge View Bringing Back Men Who Cook

By Aaryn Frazier, January 17, 2019

Bridge View Center and the Ottumwa Symphony Orchestra will be holding their annual 25 Men Who Can Cook event on Saturday, January 19.

Ottumwa Radio spoke to Joshua Reynolds, Ottumwa firefighter, who has teamed up with fellow firefighter Bill Keith to represent Ottumwa Firefighters Association. They trade turns assisting each other and have participated a handful of times. He talked about jumping back into the event after a couple years off.

“We have taken the last couple of years off due to some scheduling conflicts but we are looking forward to this year. I have always enjoyed cooking for family and friends and I thought this would be a good challenge,” said Reynolds. “Also, fundraising for the community is something that Bill and I enjoy doing so this competition seemed like the perfect fit.”

Keith and Reynolds are making Chili Lime Wings with Cilantro Aioli. But they are excited for the other pieces.

“I look forward to tasting everyone’s food,” explained Reynolds. “There are so many good dishes and such a large variety that you are guaranteed to find some thing to enjoy.”
Reynolds said every year the biggest challenge is figuring out the logistics to prepare and serve 300-400 samples. Timing is very important. Depending on what is being served they either need to prepare it prior to the event or wake up the morning of to prepare.

Ultimately, Reynolds and Keith are in back at for the fundraising aspect.

“The 25 Men Who Can Cook is a great event that raises money for the Ottumwa Symphony Orchestra. It is at the Bridge View Center. Serving is from 11-1. Tickets are 15 dollars at the door.  Look for the firefighters! You won’t be disappointed!”

For more information, contact the Bridge View Center at (641) 684-7000.

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