Bloomfield to be recognized by Gov. Terry Branstad


(Press Release) – An award ceremony to celebrate economic development & technology achievements in Bloomfield will be held next week. The event will declare Bloomfield’s Certified Connected Community status, designed to grow the local economy and improve our quality of life.

Also at the event, Citizens Mutual will announce their new Gigabit internet service offering. Governor Terry Branstad will recognize this acheivement as well as Citizens Mutual’s commitment to building telecommunications infrastructure in Iowa.

Currently, only 3% of communities in the nation have access to Gig Internet, which is the fastest speed for web users to date. “You’ll typically only find it offered within certain areas or limited to hand-selected business districts. The fact that we can offer this to the entire community is astounding. We’re proud to be in the position to do just that,” says Citizens Mutual General Manager Joe Snyder.

“We believe this will be a game-changer for members of our community. Business and leisure both will be more accessible, and we’re automatically placed in a competitive position for entrepreneurs and young families looking to relocate. Our ability to offer this encourages our customers to know that we have the products, services and bandwidth they need today, tomorrow, next year, and beyond,” added Snyder.

The event will occur at 1:00 pm on 11 Feb. at the Kay Burchette Cultural Center.