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Bloomfield Mayor Vetoes Streetscape

By Ellis Codjoe, March 16, 2018

Bloomfield’s mayor, Dan Wiegand, has spoken and his words have effectively ended the Streetscape Project.

Last week, the city council held a special meeting to vote on moving forward with Streetscape. By a three to two vote, the council passed resolution to move forward with the project.

The agenda for Bloomfield’s city council meeting held yesterday had a motion to amend resolution of the city of Bloomfield in regards to Streetscape. When that item on the agenda came up in the council meeting, Mayor Wiegand announced that he vetoed the resolution, nullifying the city council’s ability to amend it.

Before the meeting, Mayor Wiegand gave the city council a written notice of his intentions to veto. Ottumwa Radio News was able to obtain a copy of the letter. You can read it in its entirety here.

Wiegand cites time as the main factor of his veto. In his letter he says, “…with the construction knowledge that I have, it does not seem possible to meet the deadlines…Rushing into a plan that were [sic] not satisfied with, we could regret it later. We should take the necessary time needed to come up with a plan we can afford and be proud of.”

It’s been no secret that Streetscape has been extremely controversial and divisive. Now the community looks to move forward after spending over three years on separate sides of this emotional issue.

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