Bill Seeks to Require Just One Bathroom for Bars and Restaurants


Legislators in the Iowa House are mulling over how many bathrooms are necessary for a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol.

A bill recently cleared a subcommittee that would require the above establishments to have just one bathroom. It would be a departure from the current requirement that bars and restaurants have a men’s and women’s restroom.

During a hearing, Representative Cherielynn Westrich, a Republican from Ottumwa said there is a waiver that allows taverns, bars, and restaurants to have just one toilet. The bill would make the policy permanent.

“With our restaurants and bars during the Covid being adversely affected, we want to make sure we give them future protections to make sure this doesn’t start to happen in the future,” Westrich said.

According to Radio Iowa, supporters of the bill say entrepreneurs may not know that they can apply for a waiver from the two-lavatory rule which has stopped some Iowans from opening a bar or restaurant.

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