Arrests Made in Car Chases

By Aaryn Frazier, December 04, 2018

Local authorities had a full and busy day on Monday, December 3.

Two arrests were made in multiple vehicle thefts and two car chases around Jefferson County. According to Chief Deputy Bart Richmond with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, all vehicles have been recovered despite the fact that one of the vehicles in a chase originally got away.

“A GMC Canyon was stolen from Mount Pleasant first,” Richmond explains. “Fairfield police  gave chase, and County Sheriff’s assisted. The vehicle got away, but it was found and recovered southeast of Packwood.”

Another vehicle was taken from Walmart in Fairfield. A chase occured east of Fairfield on Highway East of Mount Pleasant, 218. All vehicles have been recovered; even one from Ottumwa found in Fairfield.

Two arrests were made in the day due to the thefts and chases. First was, Alissa Patterson, 20. She was charged with theft first and second along with conspiracy. Second was Dillon Rasch, 27. He was charged with driving while suspended, alluding law enforcement, excessive speed, conspiracy, and theft first and second.

“ A lot of people were  involved. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, police departments from Winfield, Fairfield and Mount Pleasant, and State Patrol,” said Chief Deputy Richmond. “It seems like it’s more frequent — this type of thing happening. As for the public, be aware. We are driving at higher speeds. So, be safe if you see emergency vehicles — Obey emergency traffic laws – Obviously, no one was hurt, but it’s always our concern when we are considering a pursuit. We have to ask; Is it worth the risk to the deputies, the person giving chase or general public.”

Bail, trial and any further charges have not yet been released at this time.

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