APD: Beware of Counterfeit Money

By Ellis Codjoe, December 13, 2018

The Albia Police Department are informing citizens that fake money has been circulating in the community.

The questionable currency is $20 dollar bills.  Authorities note that some of the bills have “REPLICA” located on the upper left hand corner.

All of the phony bills have the same serial number, according to the Albia Police Department  (KP58247039Y). However, many of the bills test authentic when a test pen is used.

Police suggest that residents and businesses check serial numbers of all the bills they receive. If anyone encounters this counterfeit money, notify law enforcement and, if possible, get a licence plate number and description of the individuals that are passing around the fraudulent bills.

The Albia Police Department can be reached at (641) 932-7815.

(image taken from Albia Police Department Facebook page)

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