Alternative Options Proposed For Lemonade Day 2021


With the COVID pandemic still ongoing, alternative options are being discussed for this year’s Lemonade Day.

Since 2007, more than a million children across the country have taken part in Lemonade Day. The experiential program teaches life skills such as business operations, responsibility, financial literacy, goal setting and teamwork with the end goal of starting, owning and operating
a business. Lemonade Day kids benefit from the program’s lessons as outlined in their youth workbooks or via the My Lemonade Day app.

At the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the organization launched Lemonade Day My Way as a way to safely provide kids with creative and fun ways to host a physical lemonade stand or a virtual one to earn money. Virtual lemonade stand options include: selling online with lemonade product delivery following safety guidelines, or selling virtual products like lemonade recipes or virtual sips.
In addition, Lemonade Day My Way offers a list of kid-friendly business ventures that can be launched instead of a traditional lemonade stand. In fact, Lemonade Day suggests kids take the challenge of this real-world scenario to adapt their business model. These ideas include creating a fundraising campaign with a business partner such as a fitness center, dog groomer, or hair or nail salon; walking dogs or pet sitting; mowing lawns and cleaning flower beds; holding a car wash with lemon-scented car fresheners; and launching a Facebook fundraiser.

“Our mission is to help prepare youth for life through fun, proactive and experiential programs. In times like these, having an entrepreneurial mindset becomes increasingly important when navigating the trifecta of challenging business, economic and community health conditions,” said Debbie Nazarian, Lemonade Day National Director. “We hope to bring the Lemonade Day 2021 season to most, if not all, of our Lemonade Day cities this year — but if not, we can feel confident that we are still achieving our mission by encouraging our registered young entrepreneurs to continue to learn remotely the lessons presented in the Lemonade Day program so they are prepared to be innovative and adaptable when faced with challenges.”

The Lemonade Day organization encourages parents to register their kids for Lemonade Day to learn about owning a business. More information can be found at

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