IWD Announces Changes to Unemployment Procedures


Starting Monday, Iowa Workforce Development will have new unemployment processes in place, according to its deputy director.

Ryan West told Radio Iowa a new focus will put an impetus on getting the unemployed back into the workforce.

“Just a better opportunity to get folks into a career path that maybe they’ve already been in or a different one that they didn’t know they were eligible for,” West says.

West says 18 new career planners have been added to help people when they file their first unemployment claim so they have direct assistance and guidance right away. Additionally, West says the unemployed will have to double their job seeking efforts if they want to keep their unemployment benefits.

“going from two reemployment activities slash work searches per week to four,” west explains. “and we really lay out what those different definitions and opportunities are at our iowaworkforcedevelopment.gov website. You can go to that and it’s going to show you what those are. and we break them down.”

West hopes the new procedures can help people find jobs faster.

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