Don’t worry, be happy!


Don’t worry, be happy!

Sacrotes. Homer. Nietche. Bobby McFerrin. Deep thinkers, with thought provoking philosophical inklings.

The landlord say your rent is late
He may have to litigate
Don’t worry, be happy – Bobby McFerrin

Prophetic Stuff.

I feel like this topic beckoned me to address it considering it’s the coldest week in Iowa/Midwest recent history, and plenty of people are down. My blog this week is about not sweating the small stuff, and let me tell you I wish I took my own advice. I recently nearly totaled my girlfriend’s car(I now HATE deer), suffered the cold like everyone else, and have had a steady pile of dishes and clothes build up as we wait for the pipes to unfreeze(and then may need the landlord to fix burst pipes!)

Normal life stuff. And it’s been so annoyingly frustrating, that I find myself speaking through gritted teeth as I deal with the next obstacle. It is what it is. I like to think I’m getting better at it though, and that I know that I’m extremely chill compared to my younger self. That’s the real #10YearChallenge.

But what about all of us? What about moving forward and learning to stop sweating the small stuff. To ‘Don’t worry, be happy?’, as a smarter man than I once said.

I think we need to take stock of ourselves, and our surroundings. I woke up Thursday to read where fifteen homeless people, human beings, froze to death in the streets of Chicago. After reading that article, I may not have felt better about humanity, but I did take stock in myself and am more thankful for having insulation and a roof over my head. And I don’t think we should hate ourselves for ‘comparing down’ to put how good we got it in perspective. This is my first exercise for you to do at home. It’s part of my 3 step program called “Humbling, Hoping, Hurling”. It will work, trust me.

It’s easy, try it with me. Say you stub your toe. Welp, you can be thankful you have toes, some people don’t. If you don’t have all your toes, be thankful you still have legs.

Ok, now what if you’re a double amputee, more? What if you’re paraplegic? This is where step 2 comes in. Now let’s find things to BE HOPEFUL for. Did you know they make limbs now, cool robot ones? They aren’t perfect, but they’re getting better. Even if you’re a quadriplegic, I read an article where a man has now regained feeling in his upper body after breaking his NECK in a car accident. Stem cell therapy, cool stuff. Even if you have next to nothing, you can either be humbled, or hopeful, I promise.

Step 3 is harder, but much needed. This is called Hurling, and no, I don’t mean chucking last nights leftovers all over your keyboard as you read this. I mean hurling out the bad, usually meaning BAD PEOPLE. You don’t need no Toxic Tammy, and Negative Norris in your life. If you surround yourself with negative people, you will be negative too. It’s science. “But wait a minute Mr. Blog Writer”, you might ask, “What about my husband/wife/friend who I love? He/She’s always negative.” Welp, sometimes people have bad days. However if they’ve never been positive a single day since you met them, then you’re outta luck. You picked them. Imagine me shrugging. This is when I shrug. Either humble yourself – “Its not so bad, there are worse people”, or be hopeful – “Maybe they’ll pull that stick outta their rear end”, or hurl ’em – “Bye Felicia!”

If you’ve been following along, you may have asked yourself “Didn’t he say he’d tell us to not sweat the small stuff, but gave us worse things to get over?” Yes, yes I did. BECAUSE THEY GO HAND IN HAND. Chances are if you’re upset about losing your keys, or playing a video game and losing, then you have deeper issues you need to work out. Anger is a secondary emotion, meaning it has an underlying cause. No man or woman is angry all the time for no reason. Find it, and squash it. Don’t worry, be happy, my friends.

So the next time you hit a deer with your girlfriend’s car, be humble the deer didn’t fly through your windshield, and that your girlfriend still loves you. Be hopeful that the insurance and the car guy does right by you, and be glad you hurled that freaking deer over the side of the highway. It clearly deserved it for having the gall to ruin your ford focus and cause the passenger side mirror to fly into the creek bed below.

Excuse me while I do some breathing exercises.



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