Mahaska Health Invites Community to Free Men’s Health Event and Tractor Ride


In recognition of June being Men’s Health Month, Mahaska Health is hosting an event at the Mahaska County Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 22nd, 2024.

Members from the community are invited to receive free services, learn about their health, and bring their tractors for an optional tractor ride around Okaloosa.

This year is the 5th annual Men’s Health Event and Tractor Ride. Guests can receive free cholesterol tests, blood pressure checks, sleep assessments, PSA testing, and other vital screenings from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. The tractor ride, an optional addition for participants, starts at 10:00 am heading south out of the fairgrounds.

“We’re excited to connect with our community and promote health and well-being at this event,” shared Dr. Eric Miller, Family Medicine Physician and Accountable Care Medical Director.  “It is not only a celebration of our local heritage it is also a way people can get convenient access to helpful health services. Come out, enjoy the day, and keep your health on track!”

Mahaska Health welcomes current patients and the public to attend, inviting the community to connect with friends and neighbors, showcase their tractors, and receive insights into their health. For more information and to register for the event, visit or call 641-676-7420.

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