Pekin Schools to Host Town Hall Meetings to Discuss Four-Day School Week


The Pekin Community School District will be hosting a pair of town hall meetings to discuss possibly changing its calendar to a four-day school week.

The meetings will be held in the Pekin High School Gymnasium on Wednesday, February 21, and Friday, March 1 at 6:00 PM.

Superintendent Derek Phillips says one of the main reasons he’s looking to switch the calendar is his staff.

“The main reason Pekin is looking at it [four-day school week] is retention and recruitment of staff. If you can work a four-day week, be refreshed, and have time to recharge, you’re going to be more effective in the classroom.” Pekin Superintendent Derek Phillips

Phillips also says he would like Pekin Schools to stay competitive with neighboring school districts that are looking to change to the four-day school week or, in the case of Cardinal Schools, have already made the switch.

Phillips says students, families, and staff have already been surveyed and the upcoming town hall meetings will serve as an opportunity for questions to be asked and concerns to be voiced.

Ultimately, Phillips says his job is to collect as much data as possible before the Pekin School Board makes its decision.

“My job is not to necessarily promote it in one way or the other. My job is to make sure I gather enough information and serve the Pekin School District the best that the board, the parents, and staff see fit.” Pekin Superintendent Derek Phillips

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