Musical Written by OHS Senior Premiers Friday


A musical written by a high school senior will make its premiere this week at Ottumwa High School.

11 O’Clock is a murder mystery that centers around a birthday party that takes a sinister turn. Roderick Rath says the idea began as wisecracking between friends that eventually turned into his project.

“It was sort of like a joke at the time. I didn’t have anything else to do so I was just messing around on the piano, writing a few songs here and there, And then it started to get serious. Then I was like, ‘I could probably do this.'” 11 O’Clock Writer and OHS Senior Roderick Rath

Rath says he spent eight hours a day this past summer writing and composing the musical. All told, Rath estimates it took him around nine months to complete this undertaking.

Rath says he’s excited to have the public see the final product and is positive people will love the show.

“In my mind, I’m pretty confident that it’s a good show. I personally like it.” Roderrick Rath

11 O’Clock will make its premiere on Friday, April 21 at the Ottumwa High School Auditorium. There will also be two showings on Saturday, April 22, and one final performance on Sunday, April 23.

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