2019 Yard Waste Collection About to End


Ottumwa residents only have a couple more weeks to take advantage of curbside yard waste collection in 2019.

City officials want to remind residents that yard waste collection is seasonal, running from April through November, and the last day for curbside collection this year will be Tuesday, November 26th. That date is effective for both the north and south sides of the city, since there will be no garbage collection on Thursday the 28th because of Thanksgiving.

According to the city, curbside collection is the most convenient method of disposing of yard debris. Any leafy debris and sticks may be disposed of in any compostable bag with the $1.00 green yard waste tag, which are available at most grocery stores. Residents can also haul leaves to the landfill for disposal at no cost.

The city is also asking its residents to make sure they keep fallen leaves on their property out of the street. Leaves that end up in the gutter can very easily clog stormwater grates and result in street flooding.

In addition, yard waste like leaves and branches can be legally disposed of by burning in the city, as long as it doesn’t create excessive smoke.  The state fire code requires that outdoor fires must be under control and attended at all times, with a way to extinguish the fire always at hand.  If a complaint about the smoke is filed, the Ottumwa Fire Department will investigate the source, put out the fire, and may issue a civil citation.


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