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WATCH: Ottumwa Fire Department Trains for Some of the Tightest Rescues Possible

By Ellis Codjoe, September 12, 2017

Members of the Ottumwa Fire Department are almost always doing some sort of training, and Tuesday was no different.

Firefighters met up with employees of the Water Pollution Control Facility to get up close and personal with some of the tightest places in Ottumwa.

“We’re working with the Water Pollution Control Facility,” Assistant Chief Vince Wilcoxson told Ottumwa Radio News. “We’re going on site training at the facilities where they might be confined space entry.”

Confinement training, how to rescue someone when you can hardly even get to them, is an important part of what the Ottumwa Fire Department trains for on a regular basis. Wilcoxson says when a patient is involved, time is critical for his firefighters.

“So if we can get to that location quicker, and we know what they’re doing and what we need to do, that helps our recovery and our response.” Wilcoxson said.

The Water Polution Control Facility is in charge of several monitoring stations across the city, all of which feature confined spaces and dangerous obstacles.

“There’s at least four different places that they could be making confined space entries that dump into the river,” he adds

Those locations include several facilities where storm and sanitary sewers dump into the Des Moines River.

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