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WATCH: Dr. Christopher Peters Launches 2nd Campaign for Congress

By Ellis Codjoe, July 26, 2017

An Iowa City Surgeon will once again seek the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent Congressman Dave Loebsack in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District.

Dr. Christopher Peters is, currently, touring the 2nd district to launch his campaign. He met with Ottumwa press on Wednesday and says this campaign will be different than his previous, which ended just under 9 months ago.

We’re starting early, that’s the biggest difference,” Peters told Ottumwa Radio News. “And we have experience that we didn’t have last time. Last time it was the very first campaign for federal office that I have ever undertaken. We started 7 months and a week before election day which just wasn’t enough time. This time we’re starting 15 months and a couple weeks before election day.”

Peters says there are several main points or themes to his campaign.

Approaching a surgical mindset to understanding a problem,” Peters said. “That involves, before you can recommend policy solutions you need to understand the problem. In the surgical world that’s the diagnosis. Second step you have to define your goals. What is the most appropriate way to solve those problems. The third step is to look at treatment options, in the political world that would be the policy recommendation.”

He says the issues with America’s healthcare industry are less about insurance, and more about the cost of care.

The underlying problem is the cost of services actually rendered. Ignore the coverage aspect,” Peters said. “The cost of care whether you see a doctor, get admitted to a hospital or get a prescription filled are much higher than we see anywhere else in the world. The US has the highest expenditures. Switzerland has the next highest and they pay less than 70% what we do.”

Congressman Loebsack defeated Peters in November by a little more than 27,000 votes or 7.5% of all ballots cast.

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