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Two Claim Responsibility for Dakota Access Pipeline Vandalism Near Ottumwa, Oskaloosa

By Ellis Codjoe, July 24, 2017

Two self proclaimed eco-activists have claimed responsibility for what some have called a string of eco-terrorist strikes across Iowa and the Midwest United States.

Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya claim in a press release that they were responsible for damage to the Dakota Access Pipeline in Mahaska and Wapello Counties and for other acts of vandalism along the nearly 1,200 mile long route.

KCCI-TV reports the two were arrested Monday morning after causing damage to a sign at the Iowa Utilities Board offices.

The press release shines some light on the motives of the two women, saying “…the courts and public officials allowed these corporations to steal permissions from landowners and brutalize the land, water, and people. Our conclusion is that the system is broken and it is up to us as a individuals to take peaceful action and remedy it, and this we did, out of necessity.”

The two went on to describe their shock when, while attempting to vandalize the pipeline outside of Ottumwa, they learned oil was already flowing through the pipe. “Later, in the first week of May we attempted yet again to pierce a valve located in Wapallo [SIC] County, IA with an oxy-acetylene cutting torch. It was at this time we discovered oil was flowing through the pipe. This was beyond disheartening to us, as well as to the nation at large. This event was again hidden from the public and replaced with lies about “ditch depressions”.

Both women have been arrested numerous times in Iowa and elsewhere while taking part in protest or other activities.

Reznicek was imprisoned in a Nebraska case where she was found guilty of causing damage to the Northrop Grumman building. Most recently, she was involved in a protest at the Des Moines Airport, protesting the use of Drones by the US Armed Forces.

Montoya was most recently charged in a protest over a pipeline in Tennessee.

Wapello County Sheriff Chief Deputy Don Phillips told Ottumwa Radio News that he has been working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the vandalism outside of Ottumwa. Phillips was unaware of the claim of responsibility when we spoke, but said that federal prosecutors will likely have the first crack at filing charges. If federal charges are not filed, Phillips says charges may be filed locally against the two.

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