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A Tale Of Two Moose
Hollywood Pervs and The Best Worst Prank Ever
Sexy Sweet Corn Or Turkey Skin Ice Cream?

09-22-17 You Own HOW MANY Christmas Trees?!?!?

08-31-17 The good, the bad, and slightly less bad of Harvey in Houston
08-24-17 Melissa The Birthday Gal!
08-22-17 Mom Advice From Melissa
08-17-17 The Key to a Better Marriage…
08-16-17 Reboots and Crane Kicks
08-10-17 Melissa Sits On Her Kids
08-08-17 Dude Looks Like A Lady!
08-04-17 Pets Or Climate Change

07-19-17 A Podcast DOWN BY THE RIVER!
07-18-17 Mocking Crocs with glued-on Rocks
07-17-17 Cabbage And Beer
07-07-17 OMG, You Killed Kenny!
07-06-17 Snakes and Ladders(To a Better Relationship)
07-05-17 From my Llama to Your Llama!

June 2017
06-30-17 Dumb Criminal vs SUV
06-20-17 Manly Men!
06-12-17 Body Odorific!
06-09-17 We’re Gonna Duel Like It’s 1799!
06-08-17 Monkey Toes
06-07-17 Best Worst Wingman
06-06-17 Coconut Cream Pied Principles
06-01-17 WTF Kathy Griffin!

May 2017
05-29-17 How to exit the friendzone(HINT: DONT BE THEIR FRIEND)

05-25-17 Bring a Gun, we got Water Moccasins
05-19-17 Horny Toads and Armpit Dreads… Ewww
05-18-17 Wrestling Deer, and Drinking Beer!
05-17-17 Strapping Fireworks to Armadillos
05-16-17 Cooking with Big D and Russ!
05-09-17 It’s a FROG
05-05-17 Happy Cinco de Mayo!
05-04-17 Where’s All My Stuff?!

April 2017
04-27-17  Crematoriums now come in plus size!
04-26-17 Those Jeans Look Blue Collar But Cost White Collar!
04-25-17 Facebooking, Farts, And Fraternizing Frenemies
04-21-17 Childhood Memories
04-20-17 Murderders and Mismanaged Municipalities!
04-18-17 The Morel Of The Story
04-17-17 French Women Don’t Shave Their Armpits!
04-14-17 Bombs and Backwards Booty Shorts
04-12-17 Eat Your Veggies!(But watch out for scorpions)
04-11-17 DON’T Fly United
04-07-17 Fish Tales!
04-06-17 What Would You Do For 5 Million dollars?
04-04- 17 “[bleep] your road construction!”
04-03-17 Bad Bosses Being Tased

March 2017
03-31-17 Things to do before you’re 50
03-30-17 That little brother you never had, nor wanted
03-28-17 Bros With Broken Bones
03-23-17 Football, now with 100% less winning!
03-21-17 Crazy Celebrities
03-20-17 Trivia Night!
03-17-17 An Addendum
03-15-17 ‘Trumped on Taxes’, Or, ‘How I learned to Proof-read’
03-14-17 Sexy Jobs, Sexy People
03-09-17 Wage Gaps and ‘The Mom Look’
03-02-17 Fuzzy Pink Balls
03-01-17 Talking Politics, and other stuff.

February 2017
02-27-17 When Things Go Wrong
02-23-17 Too Many Movie Remakes
02-22-17 Bullying and Burn Bans
02-21-17 Don’t Be A Weenie!
02-20-17 The Earth Is Flat????
02-16-17 Love, Or Disc Gold, Or Both?
02-08-17 Morning Show Banter
02-07-17 Kitty Metamucil
02-03-17 Post Trivia, Pre-Valentines

January 2017
1-31-17 Big D and Mel Talk about Local Movie
1-30-17 Big D And Mel Discuss EVERYTHING
01-27-17 Romance, love, and other ‘things’
01-26-17 Chicago Gun Violence???
01-25-17 Misdiagnosed


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