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Pajama Day at Cardinal Elementary School

By Drew Elizabeth Skinner, December 21, 2016

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Cardinal Elementary School had a relaxing pajama day while reading by flashlight before the kids go on Christmas break. Ottumwa Radio got the pleasure of spending Wednesday morning with some of these great students and teachers at Cardinal Elementary School.

Our first stop was Mrs. Mineart’s 3rd grade class where they were making Grinch Dust. Paiden Rupe tells me “Making Grinch Dust was really fun and I’m really excited for presents on Christmas”. Mrs. Mineart’s class even gave me a bag of Grinch Dust to protect us and keep the Christmas joy in the air!

Our second stop was Mrs. Synder’s 3rd grade class where they were actively reading in the dark with their flashlights. Alexis Bissell excitedly tells us “I am excited for Christmas because my family and I play lots of games”. “We are having Grinch day in Mrs. Snyder’s class”.

Our third stop was Mrs. Ferrell’s 1st grade class where they were reading in the dark with their flashlights, as well. Raelynn Tedrow tells us, “I guess I am pretty excited about the reading today and I am excited for Christmas because it is Jesus’s Birthday”.

Our final stop was Mrs. Warren’s 4th grade class where they were in the middle of changing over to reading in the dark with their flashlights. Brenna Guiter excitedly told us “I listen to TOM FM and I haven’t been on the radio before”. “In class today we are having a pajama party and I am excited for Christmas because my mom and I go shopping for my Dad because it is his birthday as well”.

This was such a great experience at Cardinal Elementary, today, and the students were very happy about the reading in their pajamas and of course Christmas break. We found that more of the kids were interested in their soon to be Christmas presents then they were in the cookies and food they would be eating. Of course, we would be more interested in the food but presents are always good as well.

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