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OFD Responds to Five Structure Fires, 40+ Calls in 3 Days

By Nick Davis, August 10, 2017

Authorities in Ottumwa are simply trying to catch their breath Thursday morning following a rollercoaster like three days in and around Ottumwa.

Since Monday, firefighters have responded to a wide variety of emergency situations including five fires, a major hazmat spill and emergency medical calls.

Ottumwa Firefighters responded to their fourth and fifth structure fires of the week Wednesday night.

Crews were called to a three story, placarded, five unit apartment building at the intersection of sixth and Washington on reports of smoke coming from one side of the building. 

The call came in at around 10:00 pm. 

Firefighters immediately declared that the fire was suspicious in nature. They were helped to this conclusion by the fact that this is the third fire they have responded to in the same building since April. 

The fire started at a basement doorway facing sixth Street and spread upwards. Crews were able to quickly knock down the fire. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ottumwa Fire Department at 641-683-0667. The Ottumwa Police Department is assisting and  can be contacted at 641-684-0661

Then, at around midnight, firefighters responded from Washington Street to a third structure fire of the day in the 400 block of North Adella Street.

Ottumwa Deputy Fire Chief Cory Benge says the fire appears to have started in a wall of the home and is not considered suspicious at this time. Benge said that was based on an preliminary investigation and may change upon a more in depth look at the fire.

The home is placarded, and the homeowner is currently in the custody of the Wapello County Jail on unrelated charges.

Since midnight Monday morning, firefighters in Ottumwa have responded to five structure fires, one grass fire, one open burning violation, twenty-two emergency medical calls, one car accident and a massive diesel spill in downtown Ottumwa.

They responded to a total of 40 calls in the 82 hours between Midnight Monday and 10:00 Thursday morning.

Synopsis of OFD Calls Midnight Monday to 10:00 AM Thursday. All times in 24-hours format (military time).

  • Monday
    • 0819 900 block s Lillian EMS
    • 08:21 1000 Block w 2nd EMS
    • 08:46 400 block S DDavis EMS
    • 10:41 900 block N Quincy False alarm
    • 11:34 1300 block E Mary EMS
    • 12:07 200 block W Williams Structure Fire
    • 13:00 800 Block Filmore Public Service
    • 15:20 800 Block Wabash Public Service
    • 15:41 500 block Glenwood EMS
    • 15:57 Maple and Elm Car accident
    • 18:29 800 block Chester canceled in route
    • 19:24 300 block Tindel EMS
    • 20:46 Greater Ottumwa Park Trail open burning violation
    • 21:41 1400 block Casa Blanka gas leak
    • 23:44 600 block W mary EMS
  • Tuesday
    • 01:28 800 block E Mary EMS
    • 07:17 600 Block E Williams Structure Fire
    • 09:29 2600 block Marilyn Road EMS
    • 10:41 1000 block S Sheridan EMS
    • 12:22 2000 block Chester EMS
    • 12:34 1600 block Lake Road Grass Fire
    • 12:55 400 block N Adella Public Service
    • 13:05 Court and 2nd Fuel Spill HAZMAT
    • 20:02 100 block E Woodland EMS
  • Wednesday
    • 03:03 100 block Northview EMS
    • 07:27 900 block W 2nd EMS
    • 10:26 400 block Vernon EMS
    • 11:56 800 block Clinton EMS
    • 12:11 500 block E 2nd False Alarm
    • 12:38 900 block N Johnson EMS
    • 13:46 5000 Point Isabelle Road Structure/Grass Fire
    • 16:13 800 block Albia Road EMS
    • 18:15 800 block Clinton EMS
    • 20:22 500 block S Ransom EMS
    • 21:43 300 block N Washington Structure Fire
    • 22:34 200 block N Ransom EMS
  • Thursday
    • 00:02 400 Block N Adella Structure Fire
    • 00:19 800 block Boone Smoke Complaint
    • 07:34 1400 block E Main EMS
    • 08:21 14000 block 3rd street (airport) fluid cleanup
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