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Grant Puts New Lifesaving Technology on Ottumwa Ambulances

By Press Release, December 07, 2017

(File photo) Ottumwa Regional Mobile Intensive Care Services (ORMICS) recently received lifesaving technology called the LUCASTMChest Compression System.

This device helps EMS professionals deliver consistent and effective chest compressions during CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).

“When we perform CPR, the hardest part is performing consistent, high quality chest compressions,” states David Howard, Manager ORMICS. “It is important to maintain the right rate and depth which can be difficult, particularly when we are transporting a patient in the ambulance. The LUCASTM device helps us maintain quality compressions to provide life-sustaining circulation for the patient. It also allows one of us to perform other tasks to help the patient.”

ORMICS received 4 units, valued at $15,000 each, through a grant from Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH).

Howard states the goal for the IDPH grant program is to outfit every transport service in Iowa with this technology. Howard and two other staff members attended a train-the-trainer education session to learn how to use the device and they are now training their co-workers on this new technology.

ORMICS will begin to use the technology this month and expect the devices to enhance the quality care they provide.

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