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City Crews Begin Dismantling Ferber Sculpture for Move To Bridge View Center

By Ellis Codjoe, September 12, 2017

City crews on Monday began to dismantle the Ferber Sculpture, currently located at the intersection of Woodland Avenue and Highway 149 in Ottumwa.

The Ferber Sculpture, named for it’s creator Herbert Ferber, was originally placed in a downtown Ottumwa. The sculpture was placed near the intersection of Main and Court on a pedestrian mall which once occupied Court Street.

Ottumwa Mayor Tom Lazio says the removal has hit a small hitch in that removing the welds and bolts holding the sculpture together seems to be damaging some of the paint.

“They’re going to need some consultation with the Arts Council. The process may chip the paint so they’re talking about sandblasting it and cleaning it up some before they reinstall it,” Mayor Tom Lazio told Ottumwa Radio News.

Holly Berg, President of the Ottumwa Arts Council, says the plan has always involved repainting the sculpture.

“Our plan was in phase two to do the sandblasting and painting on site, sometime down the road,” Berg said.

A new concrete pad was installed at Bridge View Center in July.

“The Arts Council paid for the new pad at Bridge View. The city is assisting with the move itself. We will be adding lighting in the near future as well,” Berg says the new lighting is designed to accent the sculpture and enhance its nighttime appearance.

She says the final date hasn’t yet been set for when the sculpture will be installed at Bridge View. City Public Works Director Larry Seals says the move will likely take multiple trips to complete.

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