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Accidental Shooting Reported Sunday

By Ellis Codjoe, October 09, 2017

Ottumwa Police Officers say they received a report, late Sunday night, of an accidental shooting injuring one person.

Police say they responded to the Ottumwa Regional Health Center at 11:41 P.M. on reports that a patient arrived with a possible gunshot wound.

Ottumwa Police Lieutenant Jason Bell says in a press release that “Injuries to the patient were caused by an accidental discharge of a firearm into the ground.”

He says the bullet hit the ground and fragmented. Pieces of the fragment struck the patient’s foot causing a minor injury.

Bell says the incident occurred in the 200 block of Clayton Street in Ottumwa.

He adds that anyone with information is requested to contact the Ottumwa Police Department at 641-683-0661.

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