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KTWA Personalities


5:00 am – 9:00am:  Jay Michaels

Radio’s been in his DNA from day one.  His dad was a Radio/TV guy and as a youngster he’d spend hours in his basement doing ‘pretend’ radio shows with my record player and a stack of 45’s, or in front of the TV watching baseball games while doing the play-by-play.  He does have a big passion for current events and issues but finds partisan politics a big turn off.

9:00am – 2:00pm:  Chris Michaels

Chris Michaels here, I like to think of just one listener spending their day with me enjoying the music and hopefully appreciating what I have to say. I hope you are that person. When not on the Radio, I love trying to find the perfect river to fish. When not fishing, I’m reading, studying, thinking and dreaming of….fishing! My wife and I are ‘empty-nesters’ with three grown children, three grandchildren and three cats who are ‘raising’ us! I guess we love things that come in threes!


2:00pm – 7:00pm:  Josh Gears

Hi, it’s Josh Gears! I’d like to tell you that I was raised by poodles out in the forest, but my parents and station management told me not to. Actually, I was born and raised near Pottsville, PA and educated at Kutztown University. After moving to California and failing to get the job as the Chief Wheel Polisher on “The Price Is Right”, I eventually found my home again and back into radio. My wife and I are thrilled that our daughter Aimee is here too. We’re enjoying life even more now! Thanks for listening and I promise we’ll have fun on any day that ends with “y”!

7:00pm – 12 midnight: Drew Hastings

Drew Hastings is a native of Agawam, MA, the town that proudly holds the distinction of having the very first zip code in the country! He loves hanging out with his chocolate lab Madison. She can be a little hyper but fun!

12 midnight-5:00am: Chris Lynn

Chris Lynn is a small town boy from Southeast Indiana directly between Indianapolis and Cincinnati so he had the advantage of being able to listen to amazing radio stations as a kid.  Outside of work, he’s also a musician and arrange/record mostly piano, percussion and orchestral music.


3:00pm – 6:00pm (Sundays):  Por el placer de Vivir con Cesar Lozano (The Joy of Living with Cesar Lozano

The area’s only local Spanish-language program features news, music, and weather. The most powerful Hispanic influencer in the USA.

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